From República del Cacao’s Chocolatory with Carla Estévez Breaking down our blend Ecuador + Peru 70%

At República del Cacao one of our main objectives is to promote knowledge exchange throughout all our value chain. We believe that now more than ever we must stay together and connected, and what better way to do it than to develop the interest in everything that revolves around such a distinctive and noble product like chocolate. On this context we have started a series of digital transmissions that will discuss topics related to cacao management, chocolate production, trends in the chocolate market and sustainability. Through these series we want to share ideas and our knowledge with you.

On August 28, we started with this new exchange space through the segment “From República del Cacao’s Chocolatory”. Conducted by Carla Estévez, our Research & Development Manager, the objective of this segment is to educate people about what makes a chocolate of excellence, its ingredients, flavor notes, production process and origins.

During the first session our community discovered our singular blend Ecuador + Peru 70%, characterized by well - balanced sour notes, with presence of berries, like blueberries, blackberries and strawberries, thanks to the Peru pod. Then you’ll taste nuts, like almonds and walnuts, which are characteristic of our national Ecuador pod. These two types of cacaos work very well together, without overshadowing each other. They also provoke a lasting cacao taste on the mouth, thanks to the percentage of cacao solids present on it, which in this case is 70%. It has a very good fluidity, which allows us to have a versatile chocolate ideal for covers, chocolate bars, confectionery, mousses and ganaches.

The processes, explained on detail during our LIVE, through which these grains have to go through in order to become this delicious chocolate are: toasting, gridding & husk removal, conch & refining and finally tempering & molding. All of which are conducted with excellence and quality techniques.

During the live transmission of the event we had the participation of 182 people, who included collaborators, allied chefs, students, entrepreneurs and chocolate lovers. All of them were able to learn more about the unique characteristics of this chocolate and experienced firsthand what it’s like to be inside our Chocolatory. Moreover, we had a close interaction with all of them through questions that were answer in depth by Carla, thus assuring a complete experience.

If you missed this amazing event, you can find the video on our Instagram account (republicadelcacao), saved on our IG TV section. This was not our last visit to the Chocolatory, every 15 days through IG LIVE we will bring new segments for you revolving around current topics in the chocolate industry.

See you soon!