Cacao Nacional in the Motherland of Cacao

Ecuador, also known as the Motherland of Cacao, produces 63% of the world production of fine aroma cacao from the cacao variety Nacional. Archeologists have found evidence that date cacao domestication in Ecuador back at least 5,300 years; and Nacional cacao traces its genetic lineage back to these same years.

Because of Ecuador´s geographic conditions and richness in biological resources, cacao pods that grow in this region are known for their intense flavor and aroma. Fine flavor cacaos are defined by the richness of its flavors, including fruity, floral, herbal and woody notes as well as rich and balanced chocolate bases.

Nacional Fine Cacao is know for acid and sweet flavors, delicate toasted flavors, fruitish aroma and flowerish notes, this is why, our chocolate presents richness in aromas and a deep sensorial experience.

 Nacional Fine Cacao

Our commitment to the protection of Fine Cacao of our region and the cocoa farmer goes beyond the purchase at fair prices, but extends to the technical support and the application of practices of responsible agriculture, promoting the protection of the species and native varieties of the fine cocoa. We work and support the development of an ecologically responsible agriculture and the care of traditional genetic varieties.

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