Workshop on Sustainability Challenges in the Food Industry at Bocconi MaGER Master

República del Cacao was invited to lead a workshop for the Bocconi, Master in Green Management Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility (MaGER) with the theme: "Sustainability Challenges in the Food Industry".

The agenda focused on cacao food chain challenges from República del Cacao Latin american perspective and how the company focused its Sustainable Business Strategy. Our Sustainable Business Manager Maggie Crespo lead the workshop sharing ideas towards leadership and purpose within sustainability. This workshop provided MaGER students with deep insightful challenges. We believe knowledge is the best way to impact our value chain. We thank Bocconi for the opportunity of sharing these experience and share some of the students’ testimonies on the workshop.

 “As a French chocolate lover, discovering such an engaged company was delightful! The funny coincidence was that the trickiness of the cocoa industry had been discussed during our previous Sustainable Innovation and Supply Chain Management class but, Republica Del Cacao was the right real-life company to illustrate practices of traceability and sustainable sourcing. The presentation was very humane and that’s part of how I picture the future of the food industry! Overall I would add that I expect it to improve on consciousness and transparency.-Camille Quartana

 “I got really enthusiastic about the idea of República del Cacao regarding Chocolate with Purpose as soon as I was told their story. I think the real innovation lies in the wide collaborative approach they have put in place all along their supply chain: from local farmers and collaborators to partners and clients. The creation of shared sustainable value has never been so tasty, excellent job!” -Tommaso Negretti

"It was extremely fascinating to be guided by the words of Maggie, a powerful narrator, through the history of cacao production in Ecuador. By retracing the supply chain and giving us insights on how the amazing products of República del Cacao are realized, Maggie opened a window on the multifaceted history of the country, its people and the complex challenges encountered in the sustainability journey of cacao production. What struck me the most was seeing how much communities, nature and businesses themselves can benefit from respecting the land and its products, in this case cocoa beans. It goes to show sustainability, also in the food industry, is the only way forward!" -Chiara Caimi

"República del Cacao shared the best resources of Ecuador respecting the environment and human rights. It shows the perfect example of the business model that today's generation expects in the future, and economic growth and sustainability are two terms that definitely go together. Discovering this company and the passionate team that runs it was truly inspiring. Very interested to see how all the projects will develop, and take a bite out of these chocolates!" - Charlotte Esquivel

“The description of the sustainability-committed supply chain of Repùblica del Cacao embodied the values that pushed me toward this field. What stuck with me the most from her presentation is the concept of story-showing as opposed to storytelling, which I believe will be paramount for other companies to adopt as a way forward to more transparency and traceability.” - Lorenzo Tomiello

"República del Cacao is a company that truly believes in the possibility of having a positive impact by making sustainability one of the most important asset of their strategy. In fact, the well being of workers and the environment, as well as the building of long-lasting relationships with all the stakeholders, are highly valued in República del Cacao, thanks to many amazing projects focused on information exchanges, empowerment, education and resilience building. It is really interesting to witness how the company’s sustainable approach has been able to bring the value of chocolate making back in cocoa-producing countries, working hand in hand with local farmers. During these days of uncertainty and worries about the future of sustainability in the post-COVID world, it has been really inspiring and reassuring getting to know that there are companies out there, such as Republica del Cacao, which are committed to making the world a better place, “one cocoa beans at a time”. - Valeria Rava

"I knew of the impact that the cocoa industry has on the environment and on grower communities’ lives and I was also acquainted with some businesses that have utilized fair trade and work conditions, but what inspired me in the case of Republica del Cacao was that by producing chocolate in Ecuador where the coca is grown, rather than importing their raw material to the west, the company creates jobs, teaches skills and empowers communities, all while keeping environmental justice values in mind".-Era Kraja

"The strategic approach adopted by Republica del Cacao is a glimmer of light for the cocoa sector. It is the change of narrative this sector desperately needed. No big players, no paternalistic welfare but the willingness to evolve within the local community. The cultivation and the ecosystem are respected, the workers are empowered through stable and rewarding jobs, and the exchanged knowledge flows straight to the customers. As my granny would say, you “can taste the love”. - Chrisanna Franzo


The best recognition we can get is from allies that acknowledge our work within an exchange of ideas. A big thanks to all of Bocconis MaGER Master for your time and energy. We are eager to keep on sharing experiences within academia, encouraging these deeply insightful encounters.

See you soon for more.