The Beauty of Cacao Butter

Cacao butter has always been a useful ingredient for pastry chefs and chocolatiers alike. It is an element that helps them develop versatile, texturized and artistic creations. At República del Cacao, we are committed to work for the innovation of new products that will help our community of chefs and chocolate lovers to work more effectively. This ingredient is so essential for every chef that we have developed a new presentation in shavings, which makes it easier to use, prevents you from wasting product and makes it perfect for the creation of multiple recipes; we now present you the beauty of cacao butter.  

Our Cacao Butter is exclusivelly produced with cacao beans from Ecuador, making it a single origin product. Its non-predominant cacao notes make it a great companion for the taste of every creation where it is implemented. It is ideal for increasing fluidity and brightness, sealing desserts, painting chocolates and creating textures 

Thanks to our Cacao Butter's single origin we can support the economic sustainability of our local producers, through the purchase of Ecuadorian products.

Cacao Butter is an indispensable product for every chef, and now you can enjoy all its advantages through our new presentation in shavings. Moreover, it complements every one of your creations with its unique flavors.