República del Cacao joins various Ecuadorian Chocolate Brands in #SharingChocolate donations

In República del Cacao we believe humanity is our essence, on the current times we are living, it is important to compensate tha lack human touch, with more smiles, more positive conversations, more emphaty, and more generosity in order to transmit peace. We hace to show thw strength of our community and the capacity of impact we can have if we work together.

Because of this, we have partnered with other Ecuadorian chocolate companies to remember as a country, how amazing it is to share, and better yet, to share chocolate, since its consumption is recommended in order to generate more wellbeing and happiness in the human body, thanks to its stress reduction properties.

República del Cacao, alongside Pacari, Minka, Perla, Toak, Hoja Verde, Bios, Arawi, Vélez, Conexión and Anecacao, donated various chocolate products, to the doctors, cleaning staff, and security staff from different health centers and hospitals that day after day are helping us to fight this pandemic.

We know the road ahead it’s long, but we can never loose our hope and humanity. We reassure our compromise in developing a community without frontiers or differences through chocolate. We wish health to all the staff from hospitals and health centers that are fighting COVID-19. Hard times are better lived with a little chocolate from our land.


#SharingChocolate for Hope