Our Compromise with Safe Industrial Practices

At República del Cacao we believe in resilience, change and adaptations. Like a cacao seed that is planted and goes through various changes during its growth, but still finds the way to flourish. Our team at República del Cacao is like that, capable of adapting itself to the needs of a complex context and overcoming all adversities.

We are very proud of the collaborators from our factory, who committed with a rigorous sanitary protocol, have continued producing chocolate. This valuable work allows us to assure the purchase of cacao and other ingredients from our farmers around Ecuador, with whom we have been in constant communication too.

We promote an effective management of our industrial safety in every aspect, with the objective of guaranteeing the provision of safe and healthy food to the population. The measures we have taken in order to assure this, have allowed us to focalize good practices on our team, as well as on our suppliers, strengthening our management on continuous development in the long term. On this context, the following measures have been established:

  • Physical contact among collaborators is prohibited.
  • When entering our installations, the following rules must be followed:
  • Put their shoes on the tray at the entrance that contains water with chlorine, in order to disinfect them. Every collaborator must do this with no exception.
  • Always be wearing a face mask (at the entrance, when you are at the installations, and when you exit them). We are providing these implements daily to our collaborators. 
  • The temperature of all the staff is controlled regularly.
  • Collaborators must wash their hands every hour.
  • Use of antibacterial gel.
  • The dining hall is enabled in turns and during different hours for every area.
  • The staff must take a distance of 2 meters between them if they need to do a line in order to enter the dining hall, the locker room, or during the entrance and exit from the installations.
  • During lunch time, only three people are allowed to sit per table.
  • Our Industrial Safety and Health staff are monitoring constantly that these measures are followed.
  • On reference to the transportation, no more than 10 people are allowed per bus, so they’ll be able to keep a safe distance between them.
  • Information about the safety measures that should be taken when entering and exiting their homes, as well as during their time at the factory’s installations, is shared with the staff daily through our official communication channels.

We would like to thank all our staff and the people who keep working daily, putting their efforts together in overcoming this sanitary emergency with determination, optimism, and responsibility.


    David Haro, Industrial Manager B2B