We invite you to be part of the First International Congress of Pastry and Chocolaterie of Ecuador, constituted by 2 days of exclusive PROFESSIONAL CLASSES on May 17 and 18 and a day of CONFERENCES on May 19.

On May 17 and 18, join the first confectionery and chocolaterie professional classes in Ecuador, at the República del Cacao Chocolate Laboratory. This exclusive event seeks to expand and enhance the development of chocolaterie and fine pastry in Latin America. It consists in 19 hours of specialized workshops, divided into 3 themes, and focused on deepening the knowledge of pastry and chocolate techniques, for application in high-end cuisine, banquets and bonbons. The expertise of the participating chefs, and their coming to Ecuador, is only the first step towards an advanced culinary culture in Ecuador that República del Cacao wants to impulse. Find the program below: 
MAY 17
9am - 1pm Restaurant pastry & sugar techniques by Gustavo Sáez - Best Pastry Chef in Latin America 2016 - Restaurant 99 (Chile)
2.30pm - 7pm Bonbons and Confectionery by Natividad Toledo - República del Cacao Executive Chef in Mexico
MAY 18
9am- 1pm Showcase desserts, banquets and contemporary pastry by Ariel Peñalva - República del Cacao Executive Chef in the Caribbean and Argentina

Class pass: $ 280 (includes taxes)
Full pass: $ 800 (includes taxes)
Limited seats (10 per class). To participate, send your resume and cover letter to All applications will be reviewed and graded by the chefs.
For more information, please contact Rosa López - Corporate Assistant - +593 (0)2.561.320

On May 19, we invite you to learn from the best national and international chefs at the San Francisco University of Quito. You will enjoy the presence of Ariel Peñalva, Gabriela Reyes, Gustavo Sáez, Natividad Toledo and Santiago Cueva. Also will be present the great Spanish culinary critic Ignacio Medina and República del Cacao CEO for professionals, Arnaud Monmarché. Find below the program:
MAY 19
9am Entremets and Petits Gateaux by Ariel Peñalva - República del Cacao Executive Chef in the Caribbean and Argentina
10am Inside a Workshop by Gabriela Reyes - Executive Chef at Hansel & Gretel – Ecuador
11am Pastry Restaurant by Gustavo Sáez - Restaurant 99 - Best Pastry Chef in Latin America 2016 – Chile
12pm Latin American Kitchen Trends by Ignacio Medina - Culinary Critic – Spain
4pm Confectionery and Bonbons by Natividad Toledo - República del Cacao Executive Chef in Mexico
5pm Desserts Restaurant by Santiago Cueva - República del Cacao Executive Chef – Ecuador
6pm From Cacao to Chocolate by Ignacio Medina, culinary critic, and Arnaud Monmarché – República del Cacao CEO for professionals

Single Pass: $ 45
Full Pass: $ 80
Sign up by calling +593(0)2.561.320 or in our Chocolates Boutiques
Gustavo Saez
Pastry Chef at Restaurant 99 – Chile

Best Pastry Chef Latin AmericaRecognized as the best pastry chef in Latin America in 2016, Gustavo Saez brings to the kitchen of 99 one of the most interesting pastry of the continent. He has worked in the best institutions like Boragó in Chile, El Celler de Can Roca in Girona Spain and D.O.M. and Peanuts in Sao Paolo, Brazil, which makes its sole presence in Ecuador an event in itself. He has proved his versatility, knowledge and skills in breaking the rules with the first Chilean team to participate to the “Coupe du Monde de Pâtisserie”. Gustavo has an excellent handling of traditional French techniques, as well as a perfect usage of the latest pastry moves.

Natividad Toledo
República del Cacao Executive Chef in Mexico

Pastry Chef Republica del Cacao MexicoWe are proud to have the talented Natividad Toledo as República del Cacao Executive Chef in Mexico and today, we welcome her in Ecuador to share her experience in chocolate. Natividad worked at the Hotel du Paris and the Louis XV by Alain Ducasse, both restaurants in Monaco. She also has an experience with Turón Alta Pastry and the Chocolate Academy in Mexico. Her passion for chocolate has led her to become a trainer around the world, as well as creating her own brand of gourmet chocolates. We count the hours to share with Natividad.

Ariel Peñalva
República del Cacao Executive Chef in the Caribbean and Argentina

Chef Republica del Cacao Caribe The experienced pastry chef Ariel Peñalva will share his vast knowledge with us, preparing various desserts for hotels and restaurants, with the approach that every international level establishment requires. Ariel has a great experience developing pastry and chocolate companies - like Caribean Liquid Sugar, Chocal or Gallete among others - instituting them as leaders. Today, he brings his knowledge and experience to our classroom, an invaluable learning opportunity. 



Ignacio Medina

Spanish Culinary Critic
Ignacio Medina has published more than 80 cookbooks and is the winner of the National Gastronomy Award, awarded by the Spanish Academy of Gastronomy. He has been a restaurants critic in newspapers like El País, El Sol and El Mundo, and in magazines like Panorama, Época and Guía del Ocio of Madrid, Spain. In 2007, he began as a restaurant critic in Cosas and Poder. From 2013 to 2016, Ignacio has maintained a column of opinion in Somos, the weekly magazine of the newspaper El Comercio and since November 2014, he publishes a weekly column in the American Edition and the Brazil Edition of the newspaper El País. He also has a weekly review of restaurants in Luces, in the newspaper El Comercio.

República del Cacao has created a space focused on the knowledge of high-end chocolate made with Latin American fine cacao. Located in the heart of Quito, a few steps away from the Plaza Grande, our Chocolate Lab promotes the development of new gastronomic techniques, the preservation of Latin American culinary traditions and the development of fine cacao.