Chocoholic of the Month: Matthieu Godard

As part of our 'Notes from Latin America', we are featuring the people who make up the La República family. In this interview, we speak to one of our greatest customers - Matthieu Godard - Executive Pastry Chef at The Langham Hong Kong.

Matthieu Godard, Executive Pastry Chef at The Langham Hong Kong, has moved to Hong Kong where he has been living for 8 years, after being trained in France at two Michelin-star Château Cordeillan-Bages in Pauillac, with Chef Thierry Marx.
“I fell in love with República del Cacao the first time I heard about the brand. I am a fan of cacao beans from Latin America, they are my favorite ones. I think that today, it is important to produce chocolate locally in order to bring back the knowledge to the producing countries.

For me, República del Cacao means quality and authenticity. I was really surprised when I tasted the chocolate for the first time by its rich flavor profiles.
I am also aware of the consequences of the social actions made by the brand, using local ingredients and local workforce.
Even though there are already a lot of brands on the Hong Kong market, República del Cacao has been able to position itself at a very competitive price to develop its notoriety.
I believe that the brand will be able to reach its dream of being one of the first global chocolate brand 100% made in Latin America. This is a nice story that I wanted to share with my customers.
At The Langham Hong Kong, we use:
Ecuador White Chocolate which I find very milky and creamy,

Ecuador 40% is very interesting and has become my favorite milk chocolate,
Ecuador 65% has a very complex flavor profile
Blend Ecuador+Peru 70% is fruity and acidic and pairs very well with red fruits.
These are my favorite from the range.

The next creation that I will be doing with República del Cacao will probably be a French classic, with a strong taste of chocolate in order to reveal at its best, the aromas of the brand’s new product, Blend Ecuador+Peru 70%.
I am looking forward to see the company grow as to come up with new products from Latin America.
I wish all the best to República del Cacao!”


Matthieu Godard & Nancy Lu during the Special Afternoon Tea
at Langham Hong Kong with República del Cacao chocolate.