Certifications in the food industry

According with the client’s requirements and the commitment enterprises hold while intending to comply with regulations; certifications come across as a competitive advantage and represent a positive impact on its implementation. Certifications currently considered in the Food Industry are the GFS (Global Food Safety), FSSC22000, ISO 22000, Halal, Kosher, Organic, NON OGM, Gluten Free, among others.

In this industry, while considering the quality of the products, there must be an emphasis on food safety, in order to offer and ensure risk prevention that can affect the heath and well being of consumers. Certifications that focus on this have an international recognition, some of these are: GFS, FSSC 22000, ISO 22000. Considering this important benefit, since 2017, in República del Cacao we have obtained the ISO 22000 certification.

As our strategic vision we are adapting to multicultural needs that distinguish our clients from all over the world, because of this we are certified Kosher and Halal. Kosher relates to a revision of the system of food products according the religious criteria of the Jewish community. This certification must be verified by a Rabbie through a request, an initial inspection and an evaluation. On the other hand, the Halal Certification considers practices that must be followed in Muslim religion dictated by The Koran. One of the criteria to be evaluated in a process level involves to guarantee that there is no presence of alcohol and pig meat contamination.

Obtaining a certification is a challenge that every organization must face in order to position a differential product. This process also creates a sense of empowerment in the companies collaborators, by providing knowledge of processes and products.

For this reason, in República del Cacao we strengthen the trust we have with our clients around the world by constantly searching for innovation, envisioning development. This is why we are committed to continually generate an added value in our products.

  Marisela Perugachi, Quality & Food Safety Responsible B2B