Cacao Talks, a dynamic space for Knowledge Exchange

At República del Cacao we promote knowledge exchange throughout all our community of farmers, producers, allies, collaborators, chefs and chocolate lovers. We are proud to have developed alliances with various key actors in our society, who like us, work for the development of a sustainable business, and at the same time create a positive impact through every single one of their actions. Because of this, we want to share these ideas, make them go further and motivate more people to become change makers.

This is how the “Cacao Talks” are born. A space, where we promote dynamic dialogues through which our allies and us can share different perspectives around topics regarding sustainable development.

We conducted our first “Cacao Talk” with our ally the UN Global Compact Ecuador, where we discussed about Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs), which promote equity between men and women throughout all the management areas. Various entrepreneurs from different markets came to this first encounter, alongside some special guests, our farmer allies from Turucucho, with whom we have been strengthening women leadership.

On this context, our principal objective through the “Cacao Talks” is to transmit these ideas of change on a transversal way, among all the actors from our value chain. At the moment, due to the COVID19 pandemic we have reinvented ourselves, and the “Cacao Talks” are now digital, we transmit them live through our Instagram platform. Some of the topics we have discussed have been: “Home Gardening”, “Chef to Farm: A City to Field exchange through Chocolate”, “Brands with Purpose linked to Rural Impact”, and “Communities with Purpose inspired by Sustainable Brands.”

Community empowerment is obtained through opportunities, education and information. As República del Cacao, we are committed to keep inspiring the development of this knowledge, creating platforms that will incentive discussions through transformative ideas and that will motivate more people and enterprise to be the change they want to see in the world. Follow our social media where we will soon have more news about these valuable encounters.


  Alejandra Ortega, Sustainable Business and Communication Assistant B2B República del Cacao