Wine and Chocolate, a Pairing for the Gods

In Ancient times, it was believed almost imposible to combine or pair two complex products such as wine and chocolate, but behind this two delicacies; adored by gods and humans , you can get amazing combinations.
For this we have to take in account that, on the first place chocolate has a composition of cacao butter (principal source of fat) as well as, depending the cacao percentage, has the presence of tannins. To achieve a good combination it is important to consider the intensity of this compounds.
On my outstanding combinations or pairings you can fine Ecuador-Perú 70% cacao Chocolate and Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, passing through wood, the strains being the ones that develop aromas of spices, peppers, and adequate acidity that accentuates perfectly with the roasted notes of chocolate.
One that can’t miss is the Growers 33% Chocolate (with milk) paired with lighter wines like a young Malbec or a Pinot Noir (my favorite), no Wood passing. Without a doubt, and for the ones with a sweeter tooth,White Chocolate (Ecuador Origin) goes hand in hand with a sparkling wine (100% Pinot), being neutral, harmonizes perfectly with the characteristic flavor of milk and its particular sweetness.
Anyway, there is no better pairing than the one you enjoy, the one your palate chooses, never forgetting that chocolate and wine are two great pleasures that the earth gives us.
Matias Risé, Patissier & Chocolatier