República del Cacao launches a new product Dark Chocolate Amazonía 75%


This wednesday september 12th Miami will experience the exciting world of Republica Del Cacao, by discovering unforgettable new flavors from the rainforest with the product launch of Dark Chocolate Amazonía 75%.

At our launch event, participating chefs will present various desserts, petit gateau, bonbons, ice-cream and liquor made with Republica del Cacao products creating a unique experience for pastry chefs in the area to experience.

Amazonía 75% dark chocolate is a new, subtle, unique and surprising chocolate with almond notes. Made with the Ecuadorian fine cacao variety “Sacha”, from a single plantation in the Ecuadorian Amazon region. Although this chocolate has a high cacao content, it shows a well-rounded profile with notes of sweet dried nuts like almonds and hazelnuts. It also presents delicate coconut notes with an intense roasted cacao taste and a long aftertaste. Its earthy and woody flavors are reminiscent of a forest. 


Participating Chefs & Partners:

Santiago Cueva, Republica del Cacao Corporate Pastry Chef

Gonzalo Jimenez, Republica del Cacao Partner Chef

Jorge Kauam, Mokau Chocolates, Republica del Cacao Partner Chef

Omar Mazzei, Baluna Ice-Creams, Republica del Cacao Partner Chef

Ignacio Garcia Duque, Casa Tua Brickell

Carolina Molea, L’artisane Vegan Bakery

Pachi Larrea, Independent Chocolatier & Chef

This event will be filled with surprises that will transport you to the lush jungles of the Amazon and beyond...

See you soon!