Haku and República del Cacao get together on an field to city exchange through origin "cuy" and chocolate

Connecting the people thatare behind the products we consume with the chefs that transform them, is the best way to promote food safety and social gastronomy.” 

Chef to Farm, a project that is based on an exchange between the people who create the raw ingredients for developing origin products and the Chefs that transform them, both connected through gastronomic experiences and chocolate.  

On this ocassion we have partnered with Haku, origin cuy, on an event that will create gastronomic experiences with unique flavors, through salty and sweet proposals where the main ingredients will be "cuy" and chocolate. Through this project we will conjure local cuisine, reinventing traditional dishes with an eclectic touch, producing combinations of unique flavors. 

Haku is a world where human work, a thousand years of history, traditions and a beloved and protected land get together for producing a unique product. There are a social company, dedicated to the rescue and valorization of one of Ecuador’s most important local resources, the “cuy”. They show traceability on all their value chain, where they incorporate territory with high-gourmet cuisine, thanks to their location on the wonderful Imbabura’s Geogarden. All of their animals are raised with respect and freedom, developing triple impact projects for their farmers, chefs and consumers alike.  

The event is also supported by SERMAA EP and the Municipality of Antonio Ante, it will take place on December 13th on the Imbabura province. The event will take place from 9h30 to 18h00. The activities that will be developed throughout the day are:

- Welcome to the Atuntaqui Municipality to highlight Antonio Ante as a strategic canton for promoting Productive Development on the Imbabura province 

- Visit to the “cuy” factory, Cuyera Andina, productive leader on the Imbabura province.

- Lunch at Chaltura, one one the pioneers and most emblematic restaurant of the zone.

- Observation and study visit in Atuntaqui, where we will show the competitive advantages of an industrial “cuy” production, food safety, and respect for the environment and traditions 

- Factory - museum tour in Atuntaqui: a route through touristic resources of the old factory that was established on 1924, with high historic and cultural value 

- Project Presentation: “The Brand as an Intangible act for the Territorial and Business Competivity”.  

- Music and art with the DJ and Chef Matteo Rubetino 

- Gastronomic experiences with sweet and salty creations, putting together singular and local flavors using Haku and República del Cacao’s products 

    At República del Cacao, we believe that these experiences are the ones that let us know the flavors of our land and the efforts of different people from the food value chain, in order to generate shared value experiences. It is our duty as consumers to support local businesses so they will develop new production systems, more sustainable ans responsible.