Responsible Consumption through Certifications

At República del Cacao we have learnt that being a certified corporation is something that you do voluntarily, and we do it with the objective of strengthening our purpose, which is linked to the development of an excellent sustainable chocolate, in order to generate trust on all our stakeholders.

A healthy alimentation is everybody’s right, because of this we comply with the highest quality standards throughout all the production process of our chocolates. These quality standards have allowed us to get our ISO 22000 certification one more time, through which we reiterate our excellence process, thanks to which we can assure healthy food for everybody around the world. During this year, considering the current situation, this recertification process was full of learnings, as we had to organize our teams on our factory and also at home office, but in the end we developed a unified team, committed to the process.

This focus is not something that companies should consider only when they are going through an auditory process. It should be considered as a habit, something that a company has to live continuously. It is part of the construction of excellence, which is built day by day through discipline, motivation and effort.

Obtaining this certification is something that requires the time and work of everybody in the company. On our road to this recertification we worked alongside a very committed board of directors, who did visits to our factory, and were interested in learning about the advance of the situation and the reporting of different findings. We motivated an emphatic, inclusive and integrative leadership, where everybody knew and evaluated the risks on every process and aligned it with food safety management.

We keep moving forward with our vision, keeping our compromise with guaranteeing safe and healthy products. Ours is one of the most noble works, to produce food that is healthy, safe and full of flavors that allow us to transmit emotions and creativity on every drop that we taste, on every drop that travels around the world.


Marisela Perugachi, Quality Manager B2B