República del Cacao Sponsor of Formativa-Nextalio`s Chocolatery and Pastry Workshops

Here in Republica del Cacao we aim to position Latin American gastronomy through the use of single origin chocolate, protecting the Fine Aroma Cacao of the region, exploring local ingredients and culinary methodologies which will rescue traditional flavors. Therefore, we have developed an alliance with Formativa-Nextalio, a gastronomic specialization company that seeks to promote the development of local gastronomy, giving relevance to national production through the union of different actors involved in the industry. This alliance is based on developing chocolate workshops with 4 international chefs.

In the workshops you can learn about the latest pastry and chocolate techniques by Andrea Dopico (ESP), Leandro Tripolone (ARG), Francesco Broccolo (VEN), and Jorge Kauam (USA). The workshops began on August 3 and will end on September 28, the same ones that are being carried out in our Chocolate Laboratory in Quito and at the Unipark Hotel in Guayaquil. Those attending the chocolate workshops will develop the following skills:

  • Learn about the theory of cacao production and its value chain in Ecuador.
  • Study the history of chocolate.
  • Prepare textured fillings and chocolates filled with two layers.
  • Learn about setting up and plating desserts with chocolates.
  • Operate the procedures and acquire techniques of Bean To Bar and Tree To Bar.
  • Fill chocolates with fruit, infusions and soft caramel.
  • Work with chocolate and its applications
  • Manage adequate working temperatures and chocolate tempering techniques.
  • Apply chocolate and chocolate bar emptying technique.
  • Know the correct use of cocoa butter and its crystallization processes. • Paint molds with and without airbrush.
  • Prepare fillings and textures, knowing their general characteristics.

Stay tuned in our social media networks to see photos and tips of the workshops and #joinlarepublicadelcacao.