República del Cacao is now available in the UK!

República del Cacao is a local brand with global impact, our products can be found in more than 20 countries around the world. We create chocolates with excellence and dedication, hand in hand with chocolate experts who are in charge of bringing the flavors and aromas of our region’s fine cacao to the world. We are excited to announce that from March 22nd our professional range of products (B2B) will be available in the UK market through the distributor Henley Bridge.  

Henley Bridge is part of the Food Service Premium (FSP) group. Their objective is to support chefs in creating moments of enjoyment through food. The range of products available through this distributor will be our White Chocolate Ecuador 35%, our Milk Chocolate Ecuador 40% Caramelized, our Dark Chocolate Ecuador 56% Fluid, our Dark Chocolate Ecuador 65%, our Dark Chocolate Blend Ecuador+Peru 70% and our Dark Chocolate Ecuador Amazonia 75%.  

Evan Millar, our Senior Business Development Manager in the UK shares motivation for this new path we are taking... the differentiation of República del Cacao is our passionate team here in the UK plus our team in Ecuador and of course our authenticity. I don’t see any brands in the UK that can compete on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), delivering on a true story, our origins, full traceability of raw ingredients coming from South America and quality. The distinct flavor profiles of each República del Cacao product are going to make the biggest difference. I personally think it’s a profile that European pallets are going to love.” He also mentions that the chocolate Dark Chocolate Amazonia 75% will become a best-seller in the UK thanks to its unique profile, which is obtained from the cacao beans from the Sacha region that we use to produce it.  

We are very excited about this new market and all the endless possibilities that come with it! We are proud to reach more countries with an excellent and high-quality Latin American chocolate that promotes our history and culture internationally.  

See you soon for more!