República del Cacao in Ecuador Exquisito Shanghái

República del Cacao was part of the exponential event that showcases  the wide offer of Premium products and tourism services “Ecuador Exquisito”on its 4th edition next to the Ecuadorian Consultate in Shanghái and PRO ECUADOR. This event was broadcasted on servelar specialized communication platforms addressed to the culinary world audience.

Various conferences  exposed the goodness and characteristics of ecuadorian products such as banana, shrimp, mango and of course chocolate. The product’s versatility was proven thanks to ecuadorian chef Javier Endara, who presented a fusión menú between the ecuadorian an chinesse cultures.

For Santiago Yánez representing PRO ECUADOR, it is important to promote our country as a gastronomical an touristic destination. For Karina Morales, General Ecuadorian Consul in Shanghái, we are strenthening our gastronomical identity in a global scale and we should feel proud of the importance our products have around the world in destinations such as the Republic of China.

For República del Cacao its fundamental to support events where culinary services are strengthen and uplifted based on knowledge exchange by integrating the whole chocolatier value chain in a transversal and integral way. This is why we feel honored to participate on an event that highlights national production and promotes Ecuador as a gastronomic destination.