Rural co-creation processes in Republica del Cacao

It is increasingly important that companies not only limit themselves to inform their impact models but also create dynamics where they listen and respond to the opinions and needs of their community allies.

In Republica del Cacao we establish rural co-creation processes with our farm allies seeking dialogue that will raise awareness of the needs of the parties involved that allow us to establish work modes.

As part of the implementation of our rural co-creation dynamic, we work around four Socio-Environmental Axes of our Sustainable Business strategy. The process involves analyzing each of the axes aligned to current projects and visions for subsequent years.

The four socio-environmental axes we work with are: 

Economic Sustainability: Guarantee economic development of our allies, ensuring the purchase of cocoa at a premium price which is always above the market price.
Eco-efficiency: Management of technical support in the application of responsible agricultural practices, with the use of new technologies.
Knowledge Exchange: Development of a Knowledge Exchange program for building capabilities.
Gender equity: Involvement of women in the relationship with productive management.

In the words of Arnaud Monmarché, B2B Director of Republica del Cacao, "A good business is where two professionals talk to each other." This is why we believe it transcendental to generate strong alliances by co-creating management models with our allies. This work model guarantees triple impact (social, environmental and economic) in our value chain. In this way, we not only guarantee quality chocolate and traceability, but also promotes sustainable development.

Republica del Cacao is much more than a brand of Fine Aroma Chocolate, it is a borderless community that has managed to bring together farmers, entrepreneurs and chocolate lovers under an inclusive model.

Co creando con nuestros aliados finqueros en Vinces

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