La Republica del Cacao welcomes Argentina!

The first week of April, República del Cacao launched its professional pastry products in Argentina. The 3rd and 4th of April, our Executive Chef Santiago Cueva held demonstrations of Latin American pastry at the Professional Pastry School of Buenos Aires with a total attendance of more than 120 chefs.

The cocktail to celebrate the launch of our brand was held the 5th of April in Konke Hotel Buenos Aires with the collaboration of our distributor Alyser. Santiago Cueva and 15 supporting chefs, pastry chefs and chocolatiers from the School of Professional Pastry presented several tastings of the 7 varieties of products currently available in Argentina: ECUADOR + PERU 70%, PERU 62%, ECUADOR 56%, PERU 38%, GROWERS CHOICE 33%, ECUADOR WHITE CHOCOLATE 31%.

Each display contained a story, represented a region of the terrroir of our chocolates with various forms and creations; from bonbons, verrines, ice cream and cookies. White chocolate 31% was presented on an exquisite verrine with white chocolate and citrus, followed by a spectacular ice cream of white chocolate and red fruits. Ecuador + Peru 70% captivated with its brilliant bombons and splendid minichoux of chocolate. Peru 62% came in the magnificent form of nikkei hemispheres, also raspberry bombons and chocolate cake with red fruits, among other wonderful creations.



In the event launch the Secretary of Culture, and Director of the School, Miguel Durán highlighted in his speech "We are continuously working on professional development of our people and that is why we are pleased when we have professional international business to help us improve and to provide us with quality products so that we can excel as professionals". We also had the presence of Jorge Miño, the Commercial Director of our distributor Alyser, who shared that "The objective is getting better with the products and excellence. A year ago we began the negotiations with Republica del Cacao and we are very happy with the benefits obtained by our efforts” 

People attending the event variated among food critics, journalists, chefs, confectioners and chocolatiers. Some of the people who accompanied us, such as Oswaldo Gross, recognized pastry chef worldwide and for his television shows in both Utilísima Satelital and; Claudio Bar, Professional Chocolatier of the Mythical "El Oso Chocolatería"; Pietro Sorba, journalist, food and wine critic and history and culinary anthropology studies and Silvia Díaz, professional chocolate pastry chef who owns "Sweet Art", who mentioned that "In Argentina, people are interested in knowing the connection with the origins, with Republica del Cacao we can provide this information: from the product to the human quality, they give us tools to work with, we have the support ... and we appreciate that "

The objective of this type of event positioning our brand by improving the quality of the products used by pastry professionals, with new techniques and high-level raw materials using fine aroma cacao. In Argentina, the consumption of chocolate of origin, fine aroma is still a minority, however, little by little several renowned chefs and pastry chefs demand to know more about the raw material they buy, their quality, their origin and their efforts to social development.


Thank you Argentina!