Interview with Noé and Fernando Carmona from the Ecuadorian-Japanese fusion restaurant, Noe Sushi Bar

We believe in the talent, creativity, and resilience of our chefs and allies, for this reason we have developed interviews, where we will present various gastronomic projects that will inspire our community.     

On this opportunity, we have created an alliance with the segment “Who is Who”, alongside our communication ally, Juan Carlos Castillo, where every week we will talk about well-known chefs and entreprenurs, their stories, creations, formation and inspirations. This week we present Noé and Fernando Carmona, founders and creators of Noe Sushi Bar.  

Noé Carmona is one of the biggest icons of japanese and fusion cuisine, passionate about gourmet kitchen, artist and innovator, his experiencie as a chef comes from the best restaurants in Quito, where he built the pillars of a gastronomy that today conquers the most demanding tastes. He developed his experience after working with some on the biggest experts on japanese cuisine. His passion, creativity, curiosity and some misticism have put him where he is today. Proud of his birth place, the Loja province, his purpose was to take the flavors of his city and share them with the world, always looking for creating and fussionating different techniques in order to deliver unique tastes for the senses. His purpose is to always achieve perfection, beauty and art on every single one of his creations.   

Fernando Carmona joins this mission. He is the Chef and Coordinator of Research and Development of Sushi Corp and he has various years of experience on different areas of gastronomy. Moreover, he shares this same passion oriental culture as Noé, because of this, they always look for taking their creations to the next level, focusing on using high-quality local products combined with japanese ingredients that taste like art and culture on every bite.

Noe Sushi Bar is born as a “one of a kindbrand, it combines flavors from the Ecuadorian cuisine, with elements from Japan. These exquisite fusions create irresistible tastes for all their clients. Gastronomy gives us the chance to play with our senses and awake sensations, due to this, on Noe Sushi Bar each ingredient is treated as it were unique; taking care of every detail, from the technique to its composition, time, and presentation. This creates a unique experiencie every time people visit one of Noe's restaurants. 

During the interview, we witnessed the creaation of one of Noe‘s most characteristic desserts, the “Noe Style Brownie”. It is prepared with 100% ecuadorian products, among which we can find our black chocolate 56%, caramelized nuts, fresh season fruit, chocolate strings, mint and vanilla ice cream, everything covered in chocolate, without doubt a delicious dessert.  

Learn more about Noe Sushi Bar and its unique gastronomic offer that enhances senses and gives unrepeatable experiences, on the following interview.