Interview with Alex Lau, Chef and Founder of "La Causa" restaurant

We believe in the talent, creativity, and resilience of our chefs and allies, for this reason we have developed interviews, where we will present various gastronomic projects that will inspire our community.       

On this opportunity, we have created an alliance with the segment “Who is Who”, alongside our communication ally, Juan Carlos Castillo, where every week we will talk about well-known chefs and entrepreneurs, their stories, creations, formation and inspirations. This week we present Alexander Lau, Chef and Founder of the restaurant “La Causa”. 

Chef Alexander was born on Lima, Peru. When he grew up, he studied Economy on this same city, and after he followed his dream of studying Gastronomy in Australia, Italy, and once again Lima. On 2005 he came to Ecuador with the objective of oppening the restaurant “Zazú”, which until now it’s a very well-known restaurant in the city of Quito. After 5 years, Alex decides to open the restaurant “Lau, his most recent project is “La Causa” restaurant located in la Floresta neighborhood in Quito.  

La Causa is a place specialized on gourmet products, produced directly on the restaurant or in collaboration with other chefs who are friends of Alex. Its clients can also enjoy their orders on their dinner/bar, where the restaurant offers versatile proposals, tapas of unique combinations and flavors, and bar proposald at convenient prices.  

Learn more on the following interview, about this entrepreneur and a restaurant that combines effort and passion for local falvors on all its creations.