How we produce the milk for our white chocolate

The milk from our White Chocolate Ecuador 31% is produced by a small farming community located in  the foothills of the Cayambe Volcano near Quito. This milk has a natural sweet and creamy taste tied to its place of origin

The valley from where República del Cacao sources its milk is located at the foot of the mighty  Cayambe Volcano that lies between mountains covered in  green pastures. Thus, enjoying a unique micro climate, fresh air, and the giant hovering above.

We work with a small community of farmers, bringing together just over 50 farms and a total of about 500 cows. Here, the cows range freely over organic pastures all year and enjoy a hormone and antibiotic-free life.

Milking is done by hand, with extreme care, twice a day all year round. The fresh milk is then delivered by foot or horseback to a small collection center nestled in  the valley of  this Andean paradise.

Once the milk goes through the proper quality control process, each batch is codified   and loaded on a truck to be shipped to Quito.

After it arrives at the dairy factory , the milk   is  pasteurized  and dried , culminating the process of our high quality fresh milk that serves to make our our  República del Cacao’s White Chocolate (Single Origin, Ecuador 31%)

Join us on a voyage to this magical place called Turucucho, the birthplace of República del Cacao White Chocolate Ecuador 31%.