From producing chocolates to creating desserts

At the República del Cacao factory located in Quito, the process from cacao beans to chocolate drops is managed with the expertise of 12 collaborators. With their support, day to day we are producing fine cacao aroma chocolate that is exported to more than 20 countries around the world. Our strategy is oriented by and for our people. We are not only focused on achieving daily objectives, but we strive to incorporate our collaborators throughout all the value chain, calling it knowledge exchange. Within this concept everyone needs to understand the company´s motto as a whole: cacao´s legacy, our history, our processes, our ongoing projects and as a result: our products.


As part of our knowledge exchange program our 12 plant operators were taken to an unforgettable pastry session held by our Executive Chef Santiago Cueva and his team, at our Chocolate Laboratory, located in Quito´s historical center.

For Doris Malute, one of our factory team leaders, it was really significant to have the opportunity to share with professional chefs on pastry creation: “In this session we could discover the wonderful work behind pastry and understand that, like us, love for chocolate is integrated into our core.” The session was held by 3 working teams to create desserts such as soufflé, mousses, macarons, forêt noire and bonbons, making of this an amazing hands-on experience. David Haro, Production Manager states that the importance of training everyone involved in the whole chocolate manufacturing process, leaves a special feeling of commitment in each one of our collaborators.

Estefania Campo, who joined the production team recently, expressed with joy during the session “It is amazing to evidence how my work derives into exquisite pastry creations, it gives me joy and makes me proud of what I do”. Jose Auquilla, Supply Chain assistant, was amazed “I never thought I was going to be good at making chocolate; from now on, I will start making some traditional desserts for my family”.


We will keep you posted on how our knowledge exchange program unfolds. By incorporating our collaborators throughout our value chain´s processes and players involved, we are creating the purposeful company we envision. Not only do we source fine cacao aroma and create exquisite chocolates, but we also know how to get everyone involved. What is our secret? The amazing energy of our República del Cacao family, thank you for joining!