Food Safety: Responsible Consumption and Production of Food

The world is living a time where we must rethink our ways of thinking, acting and what humanity really needs. Maybe we are living a critical, as well as generous moment, that will allow us to get to know our essence as human beings. This means, create, share, understand and be emphatic in every aspect.

Food is the best expression of sharing, with ourselves and our communities. It is a source of energy, health and well-being. Because if this, every human being has the right to access safe, nutritious, and healthy food.

Nowadays, it is estimated that around 600 million people (approximately 1 in every 10 people around the world), get sick after eating contaminated food and 420.000 people die every year because of this (FAO, 2019). If food isn’t healthy, there is a direct negative effect on the daily activities of human beings. For example, children will not be able to learn in an adequate way, and adults will have work absenteeism. In many cases, the effect can’t be seen until a food intoxication or infection is present. Food contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasites or harmful chemical substances cause more than 200 diseases around the world, among them you can find stomach flu or even cancer.

Food safety is an implicit condition that consumers look for at the moment of consuming any kind of food. They trust the appropriate process was conducted in order to have a healthy and nutritious product on their tables.

República del Cacao, as a producer of origin chocolate, works constantly to make everyone that forms part of the productive chain aware about the importance of food safety; with the objective of understanding that it is a matter of all. It is a crucial part of public health and a shared responsibility, from primary production to final consumption.     

Every single person who forms part of the food chain must be conscious and consequent with what they do, why are they doing it and for who they are doing it. Food crosses borders, for this reason, collaboration between countries, producers, and consumers is fundamental. In this way, food safety is guaranteed through the application of norms and regulations, and the implementation of adequate management systems.   


Marisela Perugachi Quality and Food Safety Responsible B2B