Learnings from Pastry Connection: "Ingredients and Aplications", with Gustavo Nari and Carles Mampel

A year ago, I met Carles Mampel in Buenos Aires during a training course by Productos Sosa, where I could be nourished by his outstanding wisdom, humility, and knowledge about the new trends in the abundant patisserie product line that exists.

I had the pleasure to meet Gustavo Nari during the first Pastry Argentida event, whom was coordinating such occasion. He did not only demonstrate his great skills as a professional, but most importantly, his great kindness with every single one of the attendants present.

This conference in Pastry Connection was completely worth it. Carles passes on his knowledge in a unique manner, and, during every creation, encourages us to go back to the origin of things, and incorporate new products to not only improve the final result, but also enrich it and make it a higher-quality product without losing its essence.

Gustavo left his mark as a great creator by moving out of his comfort zone through experimenting, creating, and modifying in order to get new results.

Isn’t it what it’s all about? Employing all of the tools available in the market with the objective of creating quality products that have our own mark, our own fingerprint.

To conclude, I just wish to thank the greatness of these two chefs.


Emanuel Altuna, Chef Patissier promoter of República del Cacao and Valrhona