Co-developing a sustainable model: Chipillico, Perú

In República del Cacao we conceive relationships with our ally farmers with a vision of sustainability: co-developing management models that certify quality, and develop the economy of the area within a positive relationship between the environment and society.

In our Perú project we have the support of Armando Laban as our Field Technical. He is part of the cooperative Norandino which integrates more than 7000 families of small producers of cacao, coffee and panela from northern areas of Peru. The objective of the Cooperative is to provide support to articulate the commercialization of agricultural products and improve the living conditions of its members.

Today we celebrate two years of working together in partnership with Norandino, implementing projects focused on the improvement of cacao production processes. The community we work with is called Chipillico, it is located in a valley in the north of Peru with more than 54 hectares of fine aroma cacao "Criollo". Farms are characterized by having agroforestry, meaning that within the cacao plantations you can find some fruit trees that, as an objective, allow you to uplift bio-diversity, promoting the ecosystem of the farms.

                          Current drying racks in bamboo structures 

To date, in the community of Chipillico, cacao drying is done in bamboo racks made in an artisanal way. Considering the constant development of farmers and product requirements from República del Cacao, there is a important need of efficient cacao racks. Therefore, the first phase of our project will provide modern dryers, contributing to the improvement of production and efficiency in management of cacao. As an objective, the new 15 trays will benefit 60 small producers in the valley. This will be significant for the development and increase of the sector's productivity.

In the words of Armando: "We continue to develop projects and initiatives in these communities that are mostly small with a lot of producers who are waiting for the support of cooperatives. In order to have fine cacao aroma of high quality, the drying and fermentation process is primordial. This would not be possible without our allies, that's why we thank the República del Cacao for having this initiative in the sector."

Armando is an invaluable ally that helps us understand the reality of the field and its daily needs. Maintaining a parcel, carrying out fermentation and managing cacao drying, involves a lot of time, work and effort. A task that must be recognized by all those who appreciate good practices, the conservation of the environment and of course, chocolate.

We continue with advances in the project, we will keep you informed with more soon.


Armando Laban, Field Technician ally- Perú