Chocoholic of the month: Hael Lee

It was 19:00 Quito time - 09:00 Seoul time, I was ready to share a digital cup of tea with Hael Lee as we talked about her passion for our República del Cacao chocolate. Hael Lee is the Chef Chocolatier behind Get it Sweet, a Korean chocolate atelier. With only 25 years of age, she has been involved in the chocolate world for nearly a decade. Her constant dedication in the creation of bonbons and desserts with our chocolate products, and her passion have made of Hael this month’s Chocoholic.

You are 25 years old and already a successful pastry chef in Korea, congratulations! Tell us your story: when did you decided to be a Pastry Chef? Since I was young, I have always loved to eat chocolate so I decided to be a chocolatier. I visited a local farmers cacao plantation in Philippines to look at a real cacao plantation and felt touched by what I saw. All of this helped me realize how strong I feel for chocolate.

Get it sweet
, what a beautiful and sweet oriented name...Get it sweet is all about sharing the sweetness of chocolate, everyone who loves chocolate can come to Get It Sweet. As a motto, I am working hard to share the sweetness in Korea. 

Where do you share your creations?
 I share my expertise giving classes in my atelier. In addition, I make YouTube videos showing fun experiences in the kitchen through chocolate.  I advertise my classes through Internet blogs and social media.

When did you first try República del Cacao? What was your first impression? 
I first tried República del Cacao chocolates 3 years ago. The first time I tasted them I fell in love with the aroma. In order to learn more I went to your website where I felt impressed with the brand's aesthetics, the projects with local farmers and sustainability embedded with the essence of the brand. Everything just felt right!

What is your favorite creation with our chocolate? My favorite creation is called Banoffee using 31% Ecuador White Chocolate with banana filling, everyone loves it!

-Banoffee bombons. photo by: Hael Lee-

Hael Lee in brief words:
Chocolates for you are:
Love República del Cacao is: a company that sends happiness Hael lee is: a RAINBOW

-A Mix of amazing, creative, delicious bonbons by Get it Sweet photo by: Hael Lee-

Hael, what a pleasure to e-meet you. I hope next time, we share this cup of tea together in Latin America.

Thank you for your energy!