Chefs and República del Cacao allies get together to reflect about Markets with Positive Impact

The world changed forever, due to this, business models must adapt themselves, by restructuring and dynamizing its strategic vision and maintaining its relevance with consumers.

On a study conducted by the CEPAL (Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean) it was determined that one of the most affected sectors by the COVID19 pandemic was commerce, hotels and restaurants, since they are formed by a big quantity of small businesses and micro-businesses. They foresee that around 1.4 million enterprises and 4 million formal jobs will be lost.

Restaurants contribute in a transcendental way to global economy, thanks to their extensive value chain that involves: ingredients purchase, hiring collaborators and infrastructure. Because of this, it is important to rethink about strategic models that will promote the economic development of the industry.

We believe that the best way of creating opportunities on this challenging world that we live in is through knowledge exchange. After obtaining our B Corp certification on 2020, we were able to visualize the importance of sustainability on the integral management of the company. "For República del Cacao and many more, 2020 was a year where various projects had to stop in order to give space to reflection. From these reflections, we were able to reconnect with our profound brand essence in order to strengthen our processes and promote alliances more than ever before." - Philippe Bongrain, COO República del Cacao

Because of this, we have formed an alliance alongside Sistema B Ecuador (our allies on the B Corp certification) to develop the CAMINO +B REPÚBLICA DEL CACAO, a workshop focused on evaluating and measure the development of different organizations relating to sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by using the most demanding tool on the market: the B Impact Evaluation. Our objective through this project is to multiply positive impact models on a social, economic and environmental level alongside our value chain allies.

11 of our chefs and providers will participate during 2 weeks on these workshops on the search of positive impact models for their businesses and develop their road to sustainability.

Among the participant chefs we found:

  • Chef Pachi Larrea, Sweet Drops (Spain)
  • Chef Luis Robledo, Tout Chocolate (Mexico)
  • Chef Yuni Legorburo, La Ruta de la Seda (Mexico)
  • Chef Alejandra Espinoza, Somos Restaurant (Ecuador)
  • Chef Adrián Escardó, Cardó Restaurant (Ecuador)
  • Chef Cristina Monge, Chokolat (Ecuador)
  • Chef Erick Dreyer, Ciré Restaurant (Ecuador)
  • Chef Andrea López, República del Cacao (Ecuador)

And other alliad providers and hotels like:

  • Oceanside Farms (Ecuador)
  • Haku (Ecuador)
  • Grupo San José (Ecuador)


The world is going to reactivate and we must be prepared! The future of companies depends on adaptaing to new sustainable business models that take into account all their value chain, and by doing this accomplish positive impacts that will generate true change and resilience in our economy.