We celebrate our partner supplier El Ordeño, for receiving the BCORP certification

For República del Cacao, it is a privilege to share the achievements of our allied partners, as they reflect the vision of relationship we project towards a common purpose: sustainable business development. "El Ordeño" is our allied milk supplier with whom we work hand in hand in our project in Turucucho, located in Cayambe in the Ecuadorian Andes.

In its various stages, this project seeks to preserve traditional techniques, increase milk productivity and quality, as well as guarantee economic stability to our associated agricultural community through shared value projects. Tuesday September 17, in the 1st Business with Impact meeting held in Quito, our ally, El Ordeño, officially received the B Corp certification, which recognizes good practices and compliance with the highest standards of social performance and environmental, transparency and co-responsibility in the world.

Thus, El Ordeño, becomes the first dairy company in Ecuador to receive this certification, joining the triple impact business community which is based on the vision of how a business can and should promote integral solutions to social and environmental problems as well as generate well-being. We walk hand in hand with our ally towards the same vision, by entering the BCORP certification process.

-In the photography from left to right: Juan Pablo Grijalva Cobo (El Ordeño, General Manager) - Jose Morejón (Sistema B Ecuador, Director) - Arnaud Monmarché (República del Cacao B2B, CEO), Guilherme Franklin (El Ordeño, COO)