Beginning the year with impactful social projects in Turucucho, Cayambe

On January 29, we celebrated the beginning of our projects for 2021 alongside our allied community of farmers from Turucucho, Cayambe. We did it through a “Pambamesa”, a communal food table that represents an act of social solidarity. It was focused on the exchange of gastronomic products from the area, ideas and future visions for our projects.  

During the event we had the participation of two more B Corp certified enterprises, with whom we work in different alliances: El Ordeño and Tippy Tea, other companies that participated were, Haku origin “cuy”, the Chef Luis Maldonado from The Meat Republic restaurant, Chef Adrian Escardo from Cardó restaurante, and our Corporate Chef, Andrea López. 

Thanks to their support, we developed different knowledge exchange spaces during the event; workshops in the management of orchards for aromatic and medicinal plants, animal nutrition, cow grazing, revaluation of the dairy cattle, and Andean gastronomy.  

During 2021, we will develop alliances with these organizations through co-creation projects by exchanging responsible practices in order to strengthen the sustainable development of the Turucucho community on the long term. Our White Chocolate Ecuador 31% is proudly produced with this milk, thanks to which we can support Gender Equity projects through the participation of 70% of women from the community who are household leaders on our workshops and productive process.  

Every day, it is more important that companies not only inform their allies about their impact models, but also to implement dynamics where they are able to interact, give their opinions and talk about their necessities and ideas. Because of this, at República del Cacao we stablish rural co-creation processes with our farmer allies and chefs, in order to generate an space where we will be able to exchange knowledge and strengthen our projects together.