A Powerful Exchange between the Culinary Institute Lenotre and República del Cacao

Partnering with an Educational Institution is one of the most practical ways for promoting our Knowledge Exchange pillar. At República del Cacao we strive to find ways in which we can keep growing and  learning from people within our community, while offering the same in reciprocity.  This year has brought us the opportunity to partner up with a Culinary Institute in North America, for the first time. We proudly begin this journey with the Culinary Institute Lenotre, based in Houston, Texas.   

The Culinary Institute of Lenotre is a community that aims to train and welcome the culinary experts of tomorrow into its international family of renowned chefs and hospitality workers. It was founded in 1998 by third generation French Chef Alain and Marie Lenôtre. The LENOTRE® name is known worldwide for its French cuisine and Pastry Art. At CULINARY INSTITUTE LENOTRE®, students study both classic and contemporary culinary methods, learn to prepare hundreds of dishes and expand their knowledge of various topics related to the culinary arts including, for those enrolled in Associate Degree Programs, nutrition, menu development and wine fundamentals.

Our unique collaboration with the Institute will allow students to explore and work with our products while deepening their understanding in creative and culinary ways. They will also deepen their knowledge on the importance of the origin and quality of the ingredients we use in our products, which is essential to our brands’ DNA. Jointly we have designed an educational curriculum for their academic calendar year that will bring a dynamic interaction between their students and our República del Cacao team. This curriculum brings forward a focus on the history of cacao, as well as an opportunity to virtually walk through our collection center to first-hand learn about the different stages and processes a cacao bean goes through, and to meet some of the farmers we so gratefully collaborate with.

This kind of endeavor creates the type of synergy that we eagerly seek to establish and grow with allies in our field. We think that educational institutions are the gateway to making connections with the world’s next best leaders and decision makers, and if we are able to promote the importance of equitable and sustainable practices, then we can get closer to changing the world one cacao bean at a time.


  Gaby López Barry, Brand Manager for the USA